Joining Lakeview orchestra

Lakeview Orchestra is home to dozens of volunteer musicians from diverse backgrounds and professions. We're an orchestra of lawyers, waiters, accountants, salespeople, stay-at-home parents, teachers, doctors, architects, scientists, baristas, programmers, entrepreneurs, aspiring professional musicians and many more! We have at least one thing in common: A commitment to musical excellence and performing to the best of our ability.

Learn more about joining our family of volunteer musicians below.

Next Audition: August 20, 2019 | 7:00PM - 9:30PM

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (1218 W Addison, Chicago)
Openings for the Following Instruments:

  • Principal Trumpet

  • Utility Trumpet

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Double Bass

How to Join Lakeview Orchestra

  1. Review our season calendar to make sure you can commit to playing with us (i.e., your Tuesday nights are free)

  2. View the list of required audition excerpts; find and print your own copies of excerpts online.

  3. Complete our Membership Application online.

  4. Successfully complete an audition before a panel of orchestra members.

Once you've successfully completed an audition, you'll be eligible to play as a member of Lakeview Orchestra and expected to adhere to our attendance policy and code of conduct.

Current Openings

Principal Trumpet
Utility Trumpet
Violin (Section)
Viola (Section)
Cello (Section)
Double Bass (Section)

If we have an opening for your instrument, we'll contact you to setup an audition after you've completed the Membership Application form. If we don't have an opening, we'll add you to our contact list and alert you the next time we're scheduling auditions for your instrument. Either way, we'll ask you to complete the Membership Application form so we have your contact information.


Have questions about joining Lakeview Orchestra? Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions and our Audition Policies. If your question is not addressed in one of those documents, please contact us at