Frequently Asked Questions

When should I arrive?
We try to begin all concerts on time. Plan to give yourself enough time to comfortably reach your seat, taking into account things like parking and waiting in line for tickets. We generally recommend arriving 15 to 20 minutes prior to the concert start time. 

What if I arrive late?
We try to begin all concerts on time. If you arrive late, you can listen to the concert in the lobby outside the auditorium. Due to the design of our venue, patrons enter the auditorium behind the orchestra and must walk along the sides of the stage to reach their seat. This makes entering while the orchestra is playing extremely distracting for the players and conductor. Some concerts – but not all – will have designated pauses, usually after the first piece, to accommodate late seating. Patrons will be allowed to enter late at the discretion of the house manager only, and may be asked to remain seated in the lobby for quite some time depending on the concert program.

What if I need to leave early?
If you must leave early due to an emergency, we ask that you exit directly onto Aldine Ave. through the auditorium doors located opposite the stage. Please do not exit the auditorium by the same doors through which you entered.

How long is a typical concert?
Our concerts usually last 90 minutes including a brief intermission, but may vary depending on programming.

Can I take pictures or record video?
No. Cameras, phones and other recording devices can create major distractions for the musicians and audience members around you.

Can I bring my phone?
Patrons carrying cell phones will be asked to turn them off before the concert.

Why are your tickets less expensive online?
Tickets for our concerts are offered at a reduced rate online to encourage patrons to buy their tickets early. This is very helpful to us because it allows us to find out how you heard about the concerts (so we can gauge the effectiveness of our marketing strategies), and it allows us to better plan for the concerts themselves (to address questions like “How many programs should we print?” or “How many ushers do we need?”).